According to you on which floor is the happiness?
"VADITEPE BAHCHESHEHIR" ISTANBUL "TORKAM GROUP"s total investment in this large-scale project amounting to 95 million U.S. dollars. Now it is time for BAHCHESHEHIR!!! Built to date 63 000 modern apartments the leading organization in Turkey "Kiptash" is about to build a new masterpiece in BAHCHESHEHIR/ Istanbul. This project has the features of international standards with its unique and confident design, its architectural-technical features and its location. The new contemporary complex "VADITEPE BAHCHESHEHIR" is one of the most valuable to the company and will be built on the largest area. With its unique style "VADITEPE BAHCHESHEHIR" combines the modern urban life in harmony with the landscape of the majestic nature. The complex will be situated in the contact zone between the nature and the city, which makes it even more attractive. "TORKAM GROUP" developed over the last 15 years together with the Kiptash. They aim to build modern housing projects in Istanbul and they are about to turn BAHCHESHEHIR in a model of satellite town. This project will comprise 4 000 luxury flats with different sizes, overlooking the lake of Kuchukchekmeje. Design to provide a peaceful and spacious living environment there will be a variety of layout options to choose from 1+1 to 5+2 apartments. According to you on which floor is the happiness? You can choose to enjoy your garden from 5 storey residential blocks or you can enjoy the lake view from the multi - storey blocks. 25 000 square meters of commercial areas, located in the "VADITEPE BAHCESEHIR" will include stylish shops, cafes and restaurants. Everything you are looking for will be found in VADITEPE. All social institutions such as mosques, schools, markets, outdoor sports fields and playgrounds will be next to you. To ensure the safety of everyone and the entire satellite city VADITEPE, there will be provided security guard and video surveillance.